Thursday, August 23, 2012

"The Host" by Stephanie Meyer

When I managed to get through the entire Twilight series last year I never expected to ever read another Stephanie Meyer novel. I was so put off by that her vampire mythology massacre, (a series that consistently serves as my 'wtf?' measuring stick), that when I caught wind of the buzz around this title I couldn't bring myself to be even a tiny bit interested. That being said, when it came up as my book clubs monthly read I knew the time had come for me to put the grudge aside and give it a shot -- and I'm glad I did.

This book is both an imaginative and thoughtful narrative written solely from the perspective of an alien body-snatcher, Wanderer (a.k.a. Wanda) who has decided to try out Earth for awhile. She's been told to expect heightened senses and emotions, feelings and thoughts. What she hasn't been told, and what nobody really expects, is that her host body's owner, Melanie, is still present - unwilling and unable to forfeit control just because Wanda is in there too.

Throughout the novel a number of great questions are raised for the reader's consideration as Wanda desperately tries to find her own niche, develop her own self, and prove that she isn't just another parasite. She does this even while struggling to maintain the relationships with Melanie's family and friends as well as with Mel herself.

In total, The Host was a fantastic read that I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who likes an interesting fiction with a light sci-fi twist. Regardless of whether you were a Meyer's fan after Twilight or not, you will be after you finish this one.


  1. I loved The Host. It was so good that I finished reading it in one sitting and even then read it once more.

    1. I agree - this one was particularly good. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Ms. Meyers pulls through and writes the two follow up ("The Soul" and "The Seeker") like she's said she might.