Sunday, August 12, 2012

"The Dead-Tossed Waves" by Carrie Ryan

The 'book two' of a three-part series is dangerous business. It can be everything you hoped and dreamed, leaving you determined get your hands on the last installment, or it can break an otherwise great story to smithereens. Thankfully, Carrie Ryan is an excellent story teller and book three is in my future even if the pacing that the author developed so nicely in book one, (and even this books first half), was frankly lost for a chunk of this efforts second half, but it does pick up again to hit a good stride before reaching the end, so not all is lost.

It is worth noting that if you've read book one and you're looking for more on book one's Mary you won't be entirely disappointed, but this might be quiet different then you may have hoped, (it was for me). The author has switched the narrative focus to Mary's daughter Gabrielle to tell the tale as another generations struggles with our dear, dear friends the Unconsecrated. Finally, this 'book two' effort of The Forest of Hands and Teeth has a spectacular ending, making it a worthwhile read - especially if you liked book one or find yourself in the mood for a good, old fashioned zombie apocalypses tale.

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