Monday, August 20, 2012

Not to Miss List: Autumn, 2012

Like the live-stream corgi puppies on the Pet Collective's YouTube channel, there are some thing you shouldn't miss this fall. For a taste of what I'll be doing as the weather cools off take a look at the list below:
Pullman hit the list mainly because of the powerhouse His Dark Materials. While I can't say I was absolutely in love with how the Pullman series ultimately ended (a little too heavy on the religious pushing for me), I'm insanely interested in seeing what he can do with a few classic fairy tales. 

Lesser known authors, that in my humble opinion you should be reading if you aren't already, also have entries coming. I'm truly looking forward to the captivating and creative continuations that Denise Grover Swank and Michelle Hodkin are sure to put out with their next efforts.

Then there's the could be great, could be horrible, but nostalgia inducing adult fiction entry from one of my favorite authors from way back when I was still in elementary school: R.L. Stine.* I'm still not sure how that one is going to pan out seeing as I've never read any of his adult novels but even still, I'm eagerly anticipating this title so that I can find out what he can do outside of the child-oriented Goosebumps series. J.K.'s book is on there for much the same reason.

Lastly, you'll have probably noticed that I've been a little sneaky and popped the upcoming season premier of Doctor Who into the top slot of what should be a list of book recommendations. Truth be told, I'm just trying to turn the entire world into Whovians. (And I'm chomping at the bit  for an official schedule announcement - come on BBC! Give us a date already!!)

*I know, you were probably thinking I'd say J.K. Rowling but while I did read through all her Harry Potter entries and I am certainly looking forward to what she can do outside of the young adult arena, I'm sad to say I experienced them mostly during my college years and am much less concerned about her ability to appeal to a slightly more.. um... 'adult' population.

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