Review Policy

To The Point is currently accepting titles from author's and publishers for review! Before submitting your request using the form located here, please read through my guidelines posted below.

What Genres Are Always Accepted?

  • Young Adult Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Humor
  • General Adult Fiction

What Genres Are Never Accepted?

  • Erotica
  • Spiritual or Christian Literature
  • Children's Literature
  • "Harlequin" Romance
  • Poetry
  • Political

What if My Genre Isn't Listed Above?

Anything that doesn't fit into a category above will be considered based on the summary provided at the time of application.

What To Expect  From a TTP Review

Every review posted is an honest representation of my opinion of the title and could potentially result in a negative review. That said, I understand that author's spend a considerable amount time and emotional capitol on each title so if you've asked me to review your book I promise to do my best at not slandering or insulting your hard work.

Post for TTP are always cross-posted onto Goodreads and announced on Twitter automatically. Posts may also be cross-posted to if requested. 


Elements of TTP Reviews:

  • A cover image linked to the Amazon Kindle edition purchase page
  • The text of the official book summary
  • Link to author's website and/or twitter
  • One of three Indicator images based on common traffic light colors
  • Release date (where applicable)
  • Post labels indicating the authors last name, book genre, and overall opinion of the text
  • A "Bottom Line" analysis of the title that can include several elements off the following list:
    • Similar books
    • Reader/audience recommendations
    • If a series, my personal feelings on continuing
    • A summary statement based on my personal opinion of the text

What and Where to Submit Your Request:

If you're interested in having me review your title than I'll need you to fill out this form to get started. Once you've done that, be prepared to send over an electronic copy of the book (I read just about everything on my Kindle these days), an author bio and a high resolution copy of the book cover image.


Last but not Least:

All the reviews here on TTP are my own personal property. If for whatever reason you're interested in replicating any of the material on this site please email me first and let me know!

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