Saturday, February 28, 2015

Guest Post: Alex Stargazer, Author; 17

Hello everyone at To the Point! It’s my pleasure to be your guest blogger today. But—perhaps some introductions are first in order?

Who I Am

I’m a writer—of fantasy, of romance; of all that brings creativity from me, and wonder to you. My nom de plume is Alex Stargazer; in life I am known as Alex Bujorianu (there’s a mouthful for you).
Of interest to you may be my age: seventeen. Yeah, that’s right—I’m still a teenager. And with a 500 page novel under my belt, along with a short story, and an upcoming novella, you could say I’ve a bit of experience doing what I do.

I’m also a poet. I write classical poetry, mostly (I do love my archaisms) although equally my topics tend to be modern.

What I’m Here For

I’m here to talk about my book: the Necromancer. It’s 500 pages (as mentioned) and it’s about... a Necromancer. More specifically, it’s about the vengeance of a betrayed soul; of the horrors wrought by the powers of necromancy; and it’s about a girl. A mere apprentice, unwittingly charged to stop this great evil.

If that sounds interesting, here’s the blurb:
From the fires of deceit, he was reborn in ice. His name bequeathes fear into the mighty; and death into the meek.
Meet Neshvetal: a being of darkest magic—beautiful, powerful, and eternal. Or so he thinks...

What About... Being Seventeen?

Here’s a shocker: I’m seventeen now, but I released it when I was sixteen, and began the first draft at fourteen.

I’m not sure how I ought describe the experience. Mostly, I felt... compelled, to write the Necromancer. It is the product of years of hyperactive imagination, musing, and hidden desire.
It wasn’t easy. There were at times when I was doing over an hour a day, nearly every day—and that’s on top of my schoolwork. I spent most of my summer holidays working on it. And I doubted myself—doubted whether I could do it, whether it was any good... whether I could ever reach the level I dreamed of.

But, I finished it. And people seem to think it’s pretty good. What can I say? I’m flattered.
But most of all, I feel that the Necromancer has started me on a road that—while long, and possibly arduous—will yet bring me to a place I could never have dreamed of.

Perhaps I’m just being romantic. But I don’t think so.

If You’re Interested...

Check out the Necromancer on Goodreads:

You can also buy it on Amazon—or, if you prefer, my blog has links to several other retailers.


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  3. I just feel little bit familiar with "necromancer" word. I never read it yet, but it sounds interesting. hope it'll be best seller book soon.