Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Callum & Harper" by Fisher Amelie

At its core the story of Callum & Harper by Fisher Amelie is a classic 'love at first sight' romance, with a twist. Told in alternating perspective so that half of the story is from Callum's point of view and the other half is Harper's it becomes clear that both of these love-stricken fools are perfect for each other - if only they could figure that out for themselves.

As the story unfolds and more problems are introduced for each half of the couple to conquer, there's a real possibility that a happy ending may not be in store for the love-lorn duo.

With an excellent cast of supporting characters, well drawn leads and interesting plot twists that will have you guessing until the end, this is a fun, quick read that falls neatly into the "page turner" category.

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  1. I loved this book and the second book in the series!