Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fifty Shades Trilogy: "Fifty Shades of Grey"; "Fifty Shades Darker"; "Fifty Shades Freed" by E.L. James

[The review that follows is for all three books of the 'Fifty Shades' trilogy]

When every woman you know has gone crazy about a book - to the point where you feel like you might be in mortal danger if you don't comply - you either read it or run for the hills screaming. I speak here of a specific kind of mortal danger that is usually reserved for only the most horrifying science fiction robot take-overs. These hostilities usually start with a horde of already converted nearest and dearest swooning something like: 

"You haven't read it yet?! Oh we need to fix that deary" 

{Insert creepy, glazed over expressions and a copy of the book being flown at your face} 

"You'll love it, I promise. Just relax..."

But I digress.

I won't be breaking any new ground by telling you all what you know already: these books are porn.

Future Robot Overlord

The story arch is flimsy at best and only serves to deliver the reader from one page of hotness to another making it easy to see why something like this climbed the New York Times best seller ladder so quickly. Not that I fault the sex-starved masses for falling for Ana or Fifty's certain style of kinky - but I'm just not impressed.

What I am is worried. Seems like those robots will have an easier time forcing us into slavery than I'd originally hoped.

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