Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Nearly Departed in Deadwood" (Deadwood Mystery Series #1) by Ann Charles

'Nearly Departed in Deadwood' was a fast, sometimes humorous but mostly average read. The main character Violet is the kind of character that will remind most people of someone they know and is almost too easy to understand: she's a single mother whose moved to a new town to get a restart while mooching off her Aunt. All while her two children both annoy her and desperately try to find her "a man" in equal measure.

The secondary characters are colorful, but the plot and the way the romance resolved are both teetering on the edge of predictable. That said, even though the resolutions are fairly obvious early on the author still manages to eek out a few interesting twists.

Overall, this title wasn't a bad use of the free monthly from Amazon Prime read and since it seems like next installment of Ann Charles' Deadwood is available in the Kindle Lending Library it's already lined up in the 'to-read' queue in hopes that her sophomore effort is just a little bit sharper.

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