Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Optical Delusions in Deadwood" (Deadwood Mysteries #2) by Ann Charles

'Optical Delusions' is the second installment of Ann Charles' Deadwood Mysteries. The basic idea behind the series is that single mom, Violet, has moved back to Deadwood with her twin children, becomes a realtor and sells houses to make what living she can. All this while she navigates the waters of a troubled, but steamy romance and tries to sleuth out the details of a classic who-dunnit with a supernatural twist.

But that's not the whole story. Violet might be an average, single mom, struggling to keep her job and her kids fed but she's after the happenings in book one, she's making herself a name as Deadwood's famous Ghost realtor. This leads her be contacted by a pair of mousy women who live in a beautiful house, that just so happens to abut an old strip mine, be the location of a grisly murder-suicide and oh yeah... it supposedly haunted. Desperately trying to convince herself and her friends that representing the property is a good idea the facts start to stack against it and the mystery really starts to take off.

As a whole, this installment has definitely been more enjoyable than the last, (see my review of book one here), as Ann Charles seems to have found her stride with this motley crew of characters. While this one was only indulged because of its Free to read with Amazon Prime, you can be sure that I'll be checking out book three.

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