Saturday, July 21, 2012

Personal Reading Challenge #1: The Sci-Fi Top 100

Ever since I could hold a book on my own I've been reading, and ever since I've been able to read I've been drawn to Science Fiction. The prevailing theory as to why is pretty straightforward. My father had stacks of them lying around the house when I was growing up and boxes of them in the attic.

Whether it was the pretty covers or the fact that they were easier to get my hands on then library books I chewed through these stacks and boxes and inadvertently became absolutely enthralled with authors like Orson Scott Card and Larry Niven.

As extensive as my father's old book collection was, it did finally run out and I was left to strike out into the literary wilds on my own. While I managed, and discovered some truly great authors on my own, it became more and more difficult to satiate my 2-4 book a week reading habit with good material.

Lucky for me I've grown up during the age of the internet and not too long after I departed for college I found a website that has driven one  of  my more attainable reading goals: Read everything that is listed on the Science Fiction Top 100.

As the list stands today I've only managed to read 28 titles on it. But this is a living list and people are constantly voting on new entries while the current entries get pushed around a bit. In the past that number has been nearing the halfway mark, but I don't think I've ever crossed it.

So is this an attainable challenge? Who knows but it's been a lot of fun and I've stumbled on some great books this way. How do you discover new authors? Do you have a similar challenge for yourself to keep the discovery process interesting?

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