Wednesday, February 27, 2013

'Wraith' by Angel Lawson

Every so often I finish a book and the last thing I want to do is type up a review. In most cases this feeling is brought on by an extremely mediocre title, a Goldilocks title if you will. Having been not too good and not too bad, 'Wraith' by Angel Lawson falls right onto that fine line and doesn't really give me much to talk about. That said, I'd be shirking my reviewer responsibilities if I left it there, so let's forge on, shall we?

The Good: The love interest, Connor, of our protagonist Jane is one of the better drawn characters of his type in the genre. Believable, well rounded and surprisingly interesting, this character carries most of the story on his shoulders and keeps it moving at a nice, page-turning clip.

The Bad: The adults in this story are, for the most part, unbelievably stupid, one-dimensional and irrelevant. The one exception here is Jane's aunt and that's only because that particular adult was an obvious introspective mirror for Jane's character.

The Bottom Line: This title would be great for a much younger reader just getting their bearings on the YA genre. As for the rest of us hardened veterans... well, it might be worth the time if you're not too concerned about some of the characters making rationale, motivated choices but love a good bad boy romance.


  1. I thought this one was okay :) I got both this one and the sequel for free on amazon which can't be bad :)
    I thought that the name Jane really didn't suit the main character though!

    1. Didn't think about it before but you're dead on with the name Jane. As for book 2, you'll need to let me know what you think when/if you get to it. Maybe it'll be everything that 'Wraith' wasn't?