Saturday, February 2, 2013

Waiting List - February Edition

February. Cold and bitter February. Besides the Hallmark holiday of Valentine's and the occasional leap year "bonus day" its just the span of time spent in the pit of winter before the warm air of spring returns to my little corner of New England. As an aside, did you know that January and February were the last two months to be added to the Roman calendar, since the Romans originally considered winter a monthless period*?

But cold and miserable outside is a good thing around these parts anyway - while the family goes stir-crazy I get more time to pull out the throw blankets, cozy up on the sofa with a corgi shaped foot warmer and read without feeling the pressing guilt of taking in the sun outside. Overall, its a pretty good deal.

However, before delving forward let me say one thing about January's entry. If you've got keen eyes you've probably already realized that I didn't cover 'Dead Beat' by Jim Butcher as promised. This has nothing to do with the novel itself - it was excellent per usual - but I realized something when I went to write the review. I've covered a handful of the series already and my opinion hasn't changed or wavered in the least. In fact, I've only grown more attached to the series as I get deeper into the story arch.  As such I'm going to continue reading through the remaining books but save you all from my inevitably gushing reviews. Unless something changes - I still love you Dresden but from this point on I'm going to hold off on the reviews... well... until I catch up. Then maybe I'll do a series retrospective review. That might be fun.
So here we go. If you're reading along with me here's my line-up for the next four weeks. As a word of warning, its a much beefier commitment than usual:
  • 'Whispers in Autumn' by Trisha Leigh - this was another series I'm trying out per an Amazon suggestion. Has anyone out there read anything by this author or in this series? Love to know what you think before I delve in.
  • 'Mariana' by Susanna Kearsley
  • 'Child 44' by Tom Rob Smith
  • 'The Human Division' both #1 & #2 by John Scalzi - these ones are short but look awesome!
  • 'The Witch's Daughter' by Paula Brackston
  • 'Reckless Magic' by Rachel Higginson - should have gotten to this one last month (per the book club) but... well... no real excuses I guess. Better late than never right?
  • 'Domestic Violets' by Matthew Norman
  • 'Wraith' by Angel Lawson - not sure about this one either but it's this month's book club entry so it makes the list in a defacto kinda way.  
Oh - and we can't be forgetting about the Bridal Title for the month of February. For all those interested I've got 'Wedding Planning Like A Pro: Confession of an Ex-wedding Planning' by Tammy J Beatty all lined up.       

That's it from me today. Keep warm, enjoy your heart shaped box of cheapo chocolates and have fun reading until the sun comes back!
*Lifted that sentence directly out of the February Wikipedia page - but it makes a lot of sense. Winter is cruel and cold and miserable... the only reason to track the time is to know how close you are nearing to the end.

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